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Keep doing what you're doing. The key to a woman's heart is demonstrating a high level of affection towards her. Women love nothing more than a man who can shower them with affection and attention. When you and her are out and about doing your own business, especially on a Friday night, she wants you to continuously text her throughout the evening - asking her what she's doing, who she's with, asking her if she misses you as much as you miss her. By doing these things, you will reassure her of your interest in her and she will be happy.

Bonus advice:
Women love it when you act jealous. It is the ultimate test that you are head over heels for her. For example, if the waiter at the restaurant asks her if he can take her empty dishes away, she wants you to be mad and give her the silent treatment because of the flirtatious encounter between her and the waiter. She will know that you got jealous and before you know it, she will be down to play the indoor olympics when you get back to her house.

PS: Don't forget to get her flowers delivered first thing in the morning or directly to her office on Valentines day. This will make you stand out amongst the other guys.

Do the opposite of what I just said and you are going to dry her quicker than the motha fuckin Sahara brother.

Good luck!
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