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My wife and I visited a lawyer last week to talk about adjustment of status option. Im EWI/DACA and been married for about 2.5 years with a baby on the way. Anyways, I asked him what my options are in regards to adjusting my status. He basically told me to hold on a few months. That under the new Executive Order, EWI's will be able to adjust their status without having to leave the country at all. He said it's part of the EO. This was BIG news to me. Has anyone else heard anything about this??? Can this be verified?
Get a better lawyer. You will either need a hardship waiver or advance parole to cure your EWI, either which requires you to leave US.

Only way for an EWI to adjust in US is via parole in place, you won't get that unless you have a family member in the military. Either that or 245(i).
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