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11-06-2017, 01:13 PM
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I had sent in my renewal packet on September 6th 2017, I received my packet again on October 5th saying the amount was wrong. The guy who helped me fill out my forms told me it was $465 =( I sent in the correct amount along with my paperwork and a bright green paper that said to fix the issue and place this paper on top of my renewal packet. I just received my packet again with a rejection notice that says they are not accepting requests for Daca blah blah so does that mean that they didnt take the green paper into consideration? All of the papers I sent in were stamped with the first date they received them which was on September 22nd. They were on time. Is there anything else I can do? Like fight this? Has anyone had this happen to them? PLEASE HELP I FEEL LIKE IM LOST AND A IN A DEEP HOLE! DO you guys think it was because I sent in two separate payments? I sent in the money order again with a personal check for $30 dollars.
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