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I'm assuming that you are referring to the "Border Crossing Card" when you refer to this person's B2 visa card.
For DACA you have to prove coming to the US before 16th birthday, you don't necessarily need the I-94, you can prove that with school records. You may use the card as proof of immigration status. -You may write a letter informing USCIS that the I-94 was lost and they may recover information with CBP-

Also, You may use the I-821D even though it is expired. The form's expiration does not signal it's validity for processing, it is just an internal check by the Office of Management and Budget.
The card I'm referring to is the actual VISA card. Has the person's picture, DOB, etc. On the top it reads USA B1/B2 Visa/BCC. I'm sending in a copy of it as well. I have sufficient evidence to prove presence before the 16th Bday. I have helped several people file for DACA but this is my first Visa Overstay. All others have been EWI.
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