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06-30-2016, 09:29 AM
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According to NILC, here are 8 steps to take if your DACA renewal is delayed. Read the.pdf in detail!

1. Check your case status at USCIS

2. Contact USCIS

Note: Only do the following if your case has been processing beyond 105 days from the date on your receipt.

3. Contact your local USCIS office and schedule an Infopass appointment to see an immigration officer. Note...The officer can give two month extensions if your case is within the 150 to 120 day window.

4. Contact the USCIS Ombudsman for assistance and dictate the steps you have taken. Ask for expideted handling via the online form.

5. Submit an outside normal processing time inquiry

6. Contact the Service Center handling your renewal

7. Contact your congressional representative and ask for an immigration case worker

8. Contact NILC or ILRC for assistance if your case is beyond 120 days processing time.
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