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Why are you such a Drama Queen? I'm i a boring person? um maybe, my gf doesn't think so but then again to each his own. All i'm saying is that the level of credibility in this website has gone down, but then again this isn't my site so you can do as you please until the owner decides otherwise.

Do i plan to work for the FCC? Your a funny guy. When did i talk about ethics? stop it... your asshole must be so fucken wide due to taking so much shit out of your ass. By the way i'm not christian, or follow any religion, shit i might even be Atheist, i'm pretty liberal since i work with a lot of homosexuals and find them to be pretty intellectual.
Like gf's ever tell us the truth.. She doesn't wanna hurt your feelings bud... It's cool to each there own like you said...

And what type of credibility are you talking about??? I've been reading this forum since 2007 and it's alway's been the same.. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe there hasn't been any credible news out there to report on??


I"m not here to make enemies i'm here to be apart of a great community of dreamers and do what I can to participate...
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