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06-05-2011, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by LifeDreamer View Post
Yea I guess I do agree with you on that part...

And gzmn which stands for Guzman.. You can't judge me by a few little threads I started in Other Topics and while I was Lounging in the Lounge...

You might be 22 years old but I can see your already thinking your a 40 year old dad..

Once again confirms my theory that you are a boring, boring man... Nobody likes snotty attitudes just to let you know...
I can judge anyone however i see fit, after all it is my opinion.
I rather be a 22 year old boring ass dude, than a lame ass who has to resort to internet forums to have some fun, i mean how fucken lame is that. lol.

Anyways, since your a total loser, i'll leave it as is. I won't remind you how stupid or miserable you are, well cus your a fellow dreamer and i don't hate on my kind, as stupid as some are. Well have fun and don't be a stranger lol...
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