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01-11-2019, 05:56 PM
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Can you go on TV also? You should make a case for older dreamers over 40 as well.

Originally Posted by IamAman View Post
If any of the rest of you go on TV, ask for the Dream ACT instead of DACA. Yeah I'm being self serving because I want to be included too (very selfish of me to want a normal life too I know) but the Dream Act is the original, doesn't have age limits, provides a path to citizenship, and is an actual bill ready to go. DACA is too narrow.

So just like an old timey commercial, remember to ask for it by name. That name again is the Dream Act. or a Clean Dream Act.
initial DACA: 6/2012
2nd renewal: 9/2014
3rd renewal: 11/2016
4th renewal: 11/2018
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