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02-12-2018, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by versailles View Post
who are you to decide what's a good deal and what's not?
what are you, the fucking ghost writer for art of the deal now?
i've noticed more people just deciding to be independent, and that's ultimately a good thing.
stop being triggered because they won't vote dem.
I'm the guy you are happily willing to throw under the bus to get yours. Who are you?
Mid-40's dreamer (yeah, time flies), aged out of original DACA and didn't have a chance to apply for extended DACA after Republicans killed it on the vine. Have family petition that is now officially current but with past skeletons, is risky to move forward with AOS. Life is on hold for now until laws and/or government becomes more friendly. Life kind of sucks at the moment but like Al Bundy and the mighty cockroach, I survive.
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