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08-29-2016, 01:09 PM
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I am planning to walk in tomorrow early morning. I am assuming if there is a line of people, maybe they won't pay as much attention to the appt date? I also have an InfoPass appointment on Wednesday, so if the ASC won't allow me to walk in, I will ask the immigration officer to reschedule it to a sooner date if possible. I am assuming if it's only rescheduling the date, they won't mess it up like last time...

[quote=Dude;576338]Although that's something good, it still sucks... once I get my bio appt, I will try to do a walk-in (they've told me no before), and if they don't let me, I'll drive to another ASC and try it (I've heard of someone here doing their biometrics in a different state and different date than scheduled).
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