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09-17-2019, 11:01 AM
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I received a temporary green card not too long ago because my spouse is a US citizen. I was out-of-status pretty much my entire life (DACA) prior to becoming a permanent resident.

We had a close friend sign the affidavit of support when applying for the adjustment of my status. I am planning to start medical school soon and will need to take out government loans. I think I need to apply for FAFSA and such. I'm honestly not too familiar with the process since I didn't (couldn't) get loans when I went to college.

Will borrowing money from the government to fund school impact the friend who signed the affidavit of support?

Equally important, does taking out student loans from the government make me ineligible for renewing my green card (the 10 year version) and eventually US citizenship? Iíve read that those who take help from the government will actually be no longer eligible for a green card or citizenship but to my knowledge, student loans are ok.

Temporary = valid for 2 years
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