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Originally Posted by Swim19 View Post
When it comes down to it, it is your individual choice to sign up or not.

I went to pretend sign-up for SSS (I'm female) and there is no citizenship question on the form. So how would the government use this list to go after those who are undocumented to deport? I understand your worry, but I do believe the risk is very minimal. Anyway all the information is on the thread, people can read through, and make their own choice.
You want to pretend what part? That they dont ask for a Social Security number right there on like the 3rd or 4th line?

Originally Posted by cardozo View Post
It was never a DACA requirement to have been enlisted in Selective Services, but in some of the newer DACA fix bills do mention it. Now no one knows if it will be mandatory or not (if there's a DACA fix after all), but I don't see a problem with being a little precautious and getting this done if people are still within the age to do so.

Plus the government already have the information of those already enrolled in DACA. Do you really think signing up for SS or reaching out to them is going to make any difference? I mean there's probably millions of people who aren't even part of DACA and the government probably already have their information like those with the AB-60 driving licenses for example. Relax.
My whole problem with this and also my point, is whats on the title of the thread. For dreamers without DACA.

You're right, it would be no problem for people with DACA. But for those without.. they shouldnt be signing up for ANYTHING less than the actual fix or maybe DACA itself if the courts do end up relaunching it.
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