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Better than getting your guts blown away by Sinaloa lol. Fuck problem you got with Haitians cabron?
Anyone trying to blow my guts away in my homeland will have to deal with my shotgun. Mexico is actually quite safe these days. And why would I be in Sinaloa????

my problem is not with the haitian people, most are great people I assume, but rather that our daca is being tied to their TPS. TPS as you guys know, is a poison pill.

Originally Posted by 2Face View Post
The guy you’re talking to lives in Fantasy Land. One time his jaws dropped when he found out that there are Dreamers that exist who are not Mexican. It’s a miracle this dude qualified for DACA with his level of stupidity. He is the undocumented version of the racists that are found on Breitbart.
Its still quite incredible you managed to luck out with that diversity visa.

You are a hypocrite for you to claim im racist, when you spend your time cheering and ranting about mexicans this and deport latinos that. Not to mention your explicit trump support. Do not forget you live in LATIN-America.

2Face is the breitbart version of a DACAer. Always willing to throw other dacas under the bus as long as he is fine.

Found a picture of kenya for people interested, as you guys know im Picture guy DogJuiceMan:

All in all Kenya seems to be a beautiful country with a wide diversity of plants animals and people. I would love to visit this nation.
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Got_DACA has claimed that he's from North Asia. So, he's either from Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, etc.
That's a pretty wide area.
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