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FAFSA is a form used to ask for financial aid from the federal government. Dreamies DO NOT qualify for this type of aid.

However, the form can also be used to determine how much financial aid you are ellegible for. Scholarships use the FAFSA when they have income limitations, and schools can use it if they give out need-based grants/scholarships to their students.

You can get the FAFSA form, fill it out, and turn it in to your school or scholarship organization. You should NOT fill in the SSN spaces. Do not fill it in with your ITIN number; do not fill it in with 000s.

If you are applying to schools this summer and haven't talked to any school's financial aid department, do so as soon as you can. Most private colleges will give undocumented student some sort of aid and can be very understanding. Public universities, well, it depends on what state you live in.
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