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Originally Posted by LifeDreamer View Post
Other dreamers might be your only hope dude...

Do not talk to your friends unless you want to make them uncomfortable and act weired around you for ever....

You don't kneed a physiologist, just go to a counselor but even that is not a good idea some counselors are bitches...

Here is my advice to you!! This will work..

1. Get a girlfriend or boyfriend and have a lot of fun and sex..

2. Work out and exercise and a lot this will keep your mind free and release endorphins. The natural antidepressants..

3. Learn an instrument and learn how to sing or make music or any hobbies that you enjoy.

4. Get medical Marihuana and get high when your stress is building up...

I"m sorry but there is no other known cures... I once cried at a female doctors office..

don't do it keep your pride... She ended up giving me inti antidepressants pills..

If you need any help.. P.M me i'm a great with this kinda things...

And dude don't make your poor parents pay $ 100 an hour for some stupid shit...
Sorry I still don't want to talk to other DREAMers. Just seems that everybody is still better off than me. Yes my illegality is the root of my problems, but it seems that even illegals can grow "alright". For me it's like my illegal situation lead to one thing, than another, and another, and know I feel like I'm in a deep hole and cant get out.

I actually want to do all the things you said on your four step system, but I will never do weed. The thought of something controlling me scares me. But I have always felt like I needed something to take the edge off.

Thanks for the offer to help! I'm still reluctant though. I don't know. I'll think about it. I know it cant be healthy to keep everything bottled up.

I don't know. I don't want people to feel sorry for me, but I'm coming to the realization that I need to talk to somebody. Anybody! Well except for dreamers, friends, and family. Somebody who's a pro at this kind of stuff, lol.
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