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03-26-2010, 10:12 PM
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"What I cannot tell you is the when," Napolitano said. "We know now that health care is done, that clears the decks. . . . But the commitment - long term or short term - is certainly there."

"WHEN" is the entire point of reform; what a disrespectful thing to say.
Is it going to be done when the stay of deportations orders for the dreamers last year are up? Is it going to be done when the next collateral arrest during a raid fights his/her deportation? Is is going to be done the next time children are left pretty much orphaned when their non-criminal parents get kicked out? Is it going to be done before any of you have the misfortune of ICE running into your lives?
"WHEN" is now.
Lol even before I scrolled down to see your post, as I was reading the very first post line by line, I had same thought as you.

That line "What I cannot tell you is the when," really caught my eyes and that pretty much summed up their lack of care.

Forget about action for a moment. Many of us were like "stop talking and show us action". If they act, that is great but that is far from the reality.

At least they should LET US know the date of their plans. That would at least relieve us.

Or maybe not. Last time they said "2009 spring will be the year!" They postponed. And then "2009 November will be for immigrants". Delayed to 2010 Feb. And now we don't even know when and what they are planning now.

At this rate, immigration reform will be ignored again in 2011.
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