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08-11-2019, 01:32 AM
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"Says" I love how 2Face just completely ignores FACTS, you know what the stuff on the link shows, what ICE has reported and tries to make it seem as if its ME who is making the claim that ICE arrested over 600 of our brethren

But thats to be expected as MAGA redhats and its wannabes often dont like to use facts

Tullett et al. (2016) conducted a series of studies between conservatives and liberals to see how they went about decision making. In the studies they found that people that identify as conservative are less likely to use actual facts or information when making a decision about something, and that if they have information they are also willing to give it less weight.

The study also showed that conservatives in general not only avoid thinking about the information that they do have but they also disproportionately (when compared to liberals) avoid seeking out new data of any kind (even data that would potentially validate what they already believe or want to believe).

They were able to show that this is partially explained by the fact that conservatives believe in or "trust" the concept of science less than their more liberal counterparts but this could not account for everything they were seeing. So, even accounting for that, conservatives are less likely to seek out information to help them decide on something and if they have the information they are less likely to use it. So they are statistically a less informed population that values being less informed and consciously engages in actions to avoid from becoming informed.

University of Alabama
A new study surveyed participants in the Deep South and West Coast on the opportunity to view novel data on three topics - two of which were political - but weren't told of the results or who commissioned the studies. Researchers found 2Face was less interested in the data.
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