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I have a question. I was detained by the police when I was 16 in the possession of a fake id. I was arrested and taken to the station, my mom paid a fee and I was let go. I don't know if that will show up on my record. is there anyway to check and make sure before I apply for DACA ?

ALSO, a friend was caught by immigration when he was 17 and signed a voluntary departure but came back before 2006. does this disqualifies him for the DACA? is there any way to check this sort of record as well?
he didn't keep any papers because he was not planning on coming back to the usa.

Hi! I actually have an almost identical case with two family members except they were arrested with fake id as adults. You have to go to the criminal court and request a copy of your record, you will see what you were charged with. One of my family members decided to apply and his record said he was initially charged with a felony for tampering with government documents, but the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor class A :\ there was no fine involved and no jail time except for the time they had been held 1.5 days. We are hoping it will be a case-by-case review like they say and
that USCIS considers the circumstances for his record and approve him.

And sorry about your friend, I really have no reference on a similar situation to give you any pointers. Good luck to you both!
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