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04-24-2018, 11:39 AM
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Maybe this is why I would be Libertarian or something in the middle if I was a USC, but why should we force another country to take care of us? That's what we did by coming here and staying illegally, and that's what the recent caravan was intending to do.

If I don't want to let you into my house, you're not forcing your way in through the window. I want you out.

True, many of us Dreamers have done amazing things with our education and careers, greater things than most USCs. And I sure hope that something passes for us because I love this country. But if it doesn't, I am ready to move on. I can take my education/work experience and take it to a country where I can keep prospering. I will never go back to the shadows again.

This said, I would never put my own children through the agony of living in a place where they're not wanted. If under DACA we're 2nd-class citizens, being in the US without any status you're a 5th-class citizen, akin to living in a concentration camp. Why would I consciously put my children through that?

So, yes, our parents struggled and sacrificed a lot, but ultimately they brought us here because they thought it was the best thing for them. When did we get a say about wanting to live here illegally regardless of whether right now, with DACA, we're living a good life?
10/10 would agree on this.
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