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Just got approved. Accepted Sept. 6th, approved Dec. 6th (today marks three months, I was kinda exited to call and harass them, but I guess it's good that I can't now.), Nebraska .

What are the possibilities that I will have my EAD in the mail by the 18th? My thing is, I am going to California the 18th for winter break and I was hoping I could get my Drivers License while I was at it. Any one with experience know?
1st.Ca. App. received: 10/22/12- Bio: 11/15/12 EAD 3/11/13 2nd.Nebraska 11/06/14 Bios:12/03/14 expedite my case on: 3/11/15 I-765 Approved on: 3/16/15 DACA approved: 3/17/15 EAD Arrive on 3/23/15. 3rd accepted 10/23/16 Bios:11/14/16 I-765 Approved 2/9/17....
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