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12-27-2010, 03:14 AM
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Originally Posted by DA User View Post
We need a Border Security measure first.
No fuck border security, that should be a bargaining card for the democrats, not something that republicans will get either way. We had a border security bill pass earlier this year, did any republicans come forward and say "I am open to talk about immigration reform" nope.

We had 1 solid supporter vote in favor, 1 who doesn't care and got backstabbed by her leadership and 1 who got kicked out of office. We had like 12 republicans in 07 vote in favor... Even hatch who fucking sponsored the bill in 03 backed out, come the fuck on. Why can't faux and the like scapegoat someone else?

Border security + legalization as the same bill. No more piece-meal (or at least keep the two paired). You want one more grunt on the border? Prepare to hand out some green cards.
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