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11-07-2007, 04:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Latina~Hispana
Is it too late to consult a lawyer and try to do something about my status since I am only 17 and my step dad is a permanent resident? He is only waiting for his appointment I guess?

I heard it was quicker to return to your home country, graduate in a profession, and get a visa pretty quickly..true? I mean, right now I am applying to college, if I was accepted and left before turning 18 would I be able to come back soon enought to start college with a visa? Or maybe I could petition for deferral for a year or something? Would that work?

Sorry I am so inept at this.
Anyone with common sense should know this but know EXACTLY what you are going to do if in fact you want to leave. Speak to a lawyer, do whatever you gotta do but be absolutely sure there will be a solution. Last time I checked, coming back was no easy task.
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