Full Spectrum Extracts For Enhanced Cannabis Experience

Full Spectrum Extracts or FSE are extracts that combine terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. Learn how they can enhance your cannabis experience.

Ever been part of a conversation when people have going on about FSE-this and FSE-that, while you've just been thinking 'what does FSE mean?'. Well, read on to find out just that. FSE stands for Full Spectrum Extracts. These are c that includes a variety of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids; rather than isolating them into individual extracts.

FSEs offer not just THC or CBD, but also less well-known ones such as CBC, CBG, CBN and THC-V. As well as differing in the spectrum of extracts used, FSEs also differ from single extracts in the efficiency of what is called the 'entourage effect'. The Entourage Effect is what takes place when the different cannabinoids interact and how this can increase their therapeutic benefits.

Pairing cannabinoids creates a synergy at the biochemical level that gives the paired product either a boost or some new qualities. A very good analogy for the Entourage Effect is to consider it as a 4-string quartet. Yes, a single violin will produce beautiful music, but when combined with the other three instruments the volume, intensity and experience are enhanced exponentially.

A study from Jerusalem’s Hebrew University concluded that whilst CBD proved effective in reducing pain, FSE increased the amount and duration of the pain relief. Another practical example of the synergy of an FSE is shown when combining THC and CBD. THC taken on its own can cause anxiety, but when mixed with CBD, it has a much more stable and even effect.

The synergy of FSEs is not confined to cannabinoids; terpenes also have been shown to offer enhanced therapeutic qualities. Terpenes are the component of the cannabis plant that produces the flavour and they are also proving their worth in the medical use of cannabis. Terpenes and other essential oils are constructed from chemical elements that have certain effects on the body. For instance, Limonene is a terpene that is common to many citrus fruits and it is responsible for the taste in most of the citrus-flavoured cannabis strains.

Studies into Limonene have shown it to have a stress-relieving effect and can help improve people’s moods, so it is now commonly used in the treatment of anxiety and depression. Since CBD is also used to treat these two conditions, combining Limonene and CBD would potentially boost the treatment of these.

So far, over 200 different terpenes and around 80 cannabinoids have been discovered in the cannabis plant. Combining these into FSEs offers millions of unique combinations. Two major classifications of Full Spectrum Extracts exist today: HTFSE & HCFSE.

  • High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE)

Due to the high content of terpenes, this FSE is the most flavorful of the two. A typical THC proportion for an HTFSE would be around 50%.

High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract (HCFSE)

  • HCFSEs offer much greater THC content and this can be up to 90%.

**Why Do We Refer to FSEs as ‘Full Spectrum’? ** Extracts that have around 50% or so of THC content risk losing most of their flavour. It is a common misconception that all live resins and sugars are full-spectrum; this is not the case. Also incorrect is the belief that fresh frozen plant matter needs to be used in order to achieve a full spectrum extract.

There are many live extracts that are produced from fresh frozen plant matter that do not meet the full-spectrum requirements. So, it is possible to have an FSE from dried material.

What does matter, however, is the condition of the plant being used for the extraction. The plant needs to contain high levels of THC or terpenes for it to be able to offer increased potency or quality. It is the potency and the quality of the plant that will determine the overall quality of the final product.

Now you know a little bit more about Full Spectrum Extracts and, at least, what does FSE mean!

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