U.S. House of Representatives
Outlook on DREAM Act

Name on DREAM Act Party State District
Aderholt, Robert Likely Nay Republican Alabama 4
Akin, Todd Likely Nay Republican Missouri 2
Alexander, Rodney M. Likely Nay Republican Louisiana 5
Altmire, Jason Likely Nay Democrat Pennsylvania 4
Andrews, Robert E. Likely Yea Democrat New Jersey 1
Arcuri, Michael A. Likely Yea Democrat New York 24
Bachmann, Michele Likely Nay Republican Minnesota 6
Bachus, Spencer Thomas Likely Nay Republican Alabama 6
Baird, Brian N. Unclear Democrat Washington 3
Barrow, John Likely Nay Democrat Georgia 12
Barton, Joe Linus Likely Nay Republican Texas 6
Bean, Melissa L. Likely Nay Democrat Illinois 8
Berman, Howard L. Likely Yea Democrat California 28
Berry, Robert Marion Likely Nay Democrat Arkansas 1
Biggert, Judy Likely Nay Republican Illinois 13
Bishop, Timothy H. Unclear Democrat New York 1
Blackburn, Marsha W. Likely Nay Republican Tennessee 7
Blunt, Roy Likely Nay Republican Missouri 7
Bonner, Jo Unclear Republican Alabama 1
Bono Mack, Mary Whitaker Likely Nay Republican California 45
Boswell, Leonard L. Likely Yea Democrat Iowa 3
Boucher, Frederick C. On the Fence Democrat Virginia 9
Boustany, Charles W. Unclear Republican Louisiana 7
Boyd, Allen On the Fence Democrat Florida 2
Brady, Robert A. Likely Yea Democrat Pennsylvania 1