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hooney 10-05-2012 01:46 PM

Re: >>>>>>>>>RFE Thread

Username: JGarza90
EWI: NO. visa overstay.
Application Delivered: 8/20/12
I-1145 Received: 8/29/12
Service Center: Nebraska
Biometric Done: 9/10/12

Original Evidence:
•Forms: G-1145, I-821D, I-765, I-765WS
•Money order: $465
•Mexican birth certificate copy & traduced
•Consular ID copy
•Border Crossing Card copy
•Visitor Visa B1/B2 copy
•School record transcript from 5th-12th grade. (2000-200
•High School official transcript
•Immunization/vaccination record
•First and last Life insurance policy: 2006 & 2010-present, as proof of continuos residence since 2007 (also includes a brief explanation for it)
•June bank statement, as proof of presence on June, 15.
•Cell phone letter that I have a line since 2010-to present day
•Debit card letter confirming that I have an account with them
•School recommendation letter from Spanish teacher who was also the Migrant club sponsor
•Church pastor confirming my school years.
•Bealls credit card letter dated on 2009
•Middle school diplomas and honor roll certificates
•High School pictures that included migrant club activities and parts of a scrap book made in senior year
•A brief explanation on the dates I went to Mexico using my visitors visa, I would always come back in the same day.
•An explanation for the Sky-VETV charged from Mexico in my debit card (transactions are made over the phone)

RFE Notice Date: 10/04/12
RFE Reason: Prove Residence for 2010
RFE Response: Bank statements from February to June, September & December. Car insurance policy for October 2010.
RFE Sent Date: 10/09/12
RFE Delivered: 10/09/12

APPROVED 10/17/12


Username: Diogenes
Application Delivered: 8/16
Service Center: Nebraska
Biometric Done: 9/12

Original Evidence: College transcript, HS transcript, bank statements

RFE Notice Date: 10/11
RFE Reason: Not enough evidence for leave of absence year (fall 2008-09)
RFE Response: Sent more bank statements
RFE Sent Date: 10/15
RFE Delivered: 10/16

APPROVED 10/18/12


Username: Dreamer01
Application Delivered: 08/16/2012
I-1145 Received: 08/21/2012
Service Center: Nebraska
Biometric Done: 09/12/2012

Original Evidence:

Entering before 16:

Identity and age:
Copy of old State ID card (from 9 years ago)
translated birth certificate

5 years:
Utilities letter showing service since 2004
Letter from landlord

H.S. grad:
High School diploma

Entered before age 16:
High School transcript
Letter with official records of Boy Scouts of America (Eagle rank)

Present on June 15th:
bank statement with transactions on that specific date and dates around it

Present up until filing:
Bank Statements
Utility Bills

RFE Notice Date: 10/9/12(text&LUD) 10/14/12 (received in the mail)
RFE Reason: Need more proof of 5 years continued.
In the listing of what I had sent the letter did not include the letter from the utility expressing that I had had continous service since 2004.
RFE Response: Sent more proof. I had prepared extra proof just in case. I sent in 60+ bank statements covering transaction from before 6/2007 and up to past the filing date (8/15/12).
RFE Sent Date: 10/15/2012 via priority mail to the address on the included RFE envelope. Since I sent a box I put the envelope they sent (it includes a barcode with you case number) AND the RFE letter on the top of the evidence. I also wrote a letter as to what I was responding to and my proof attached.
RFE Delivered: 10/17/2012 USPS confirmed
Text status update from USCIS: 10/17/2012 (yes, same day)

Follow-up/Comment: Think about and prepare documentation of anything you may have been light on. The letter is VERY specific as to what they want more proof on. I was suprised it was not just a standard saying "send more proof of this." It actually detailed what I had sent with dates and said that was insufficient. See my notes on each section.

APPROVED 10/19/12


Username: Obey_Droskid
Application Delivered: 08/16/12
I-1145 Received: 08/21/12
Service Center: Nebraska
Biometric Done: 09/11/12

Original Evidence:
Elementary school records showing the date of every grade from 2nd to 8th (2000-2007)
High School Transcripts (2007-2011)
Copy of both diplomas. ( 6/15/2007- 6/ 17/ 2011)
Copy of my matricula and a school id.
Copy of college tuition (11-2011)
4 month gap..
Copy of debit card transactions (3/2012-6/2012)
Copy of money order sent to Chicago Public Schools on (6/15/2012)
Copy of money order sent to cps on ( 7/14/ 2012)
Copy of gym membership agreement with my signature ( 7/28/2012.

RFE Notice Date: 10/01/12
RFE Reason: Submit evidence which clearly establishes con't presence from 2011 to before June 15, 2012. Asking me to prove the whole con't 5 years evidence again. (a gap between jun 17-November and November 9-and march 2012)
RFE Response: I graduated High School in June 2011, so my transcripts covered half of 2011. Evidence sent, Ebay invoices dating from June 2011- July 2012. Medical records showing visits from Sept 2011- Dec 2011. Three Facebook check ins from June 2011- August 2011. Movie screening ticket with my name, date, and place from February 2012.
RFE Sent: 10/09/2012
RFE Delivered: 10/11/2012 (USPS Priority Mail)

APPROVED 10/22/12


Username: gabrielnovsky
Application Delivered: 08/16
I-1145 Received: 08/21
Service Center: Nebraska
Biometric Done: 09/13

Original Evidence:
-All four application (i765,i765ws,i821d and the e-notification)
- birth certificate translated and some high school and college ID(since my passport was expired and i didnt received the new one at that time i sent the application)
- I-94 overstayed (got here in DEC 2002 in 15 years old
- High school diploma
- Highschool transcript (2003 - 2006)
- Two car payments receipt for 2007
- Bank letter saying that i opened the account in 2007 until present time and its is active
- bank statements and comcast bills to prove that i was here in July 15, 2012

RFE Notice Date: 10/15/12
RFE Reason: Cont' residence for the years of 2007 to 2010
RFE Response: Bank statments for each month since 2007, paytubs for each month since 2007, letters, marry certificate from 2009, opened company receipt in 2007 and renewed in 2009, rental contract in 2007-2008. It will be like 150 pages package of evidence. I made a summary page and place in the front of every year to be easy for them to find the dates on the documents.
RFE Sent Date: 10/22
RFE Delivered: 10/23 signed by M. Hazuda

It was pretty much it! It was a really short application, 10 pages of evidences and 10 pages of immigration papper work. They probably going to ask to prove more evidences of stayed here without leave the country or they are asking for more identification which now i have my renewed passport. Its all good i have everything for every single month since 2007 until now. I hope they dont ask for 2002-2006 because the only thing i have is the high school paper work which i think is more than enough. Ill keep it update as soon i receive the letter.

APPROVED 10/26/12


Username: Fguti87
EWI: NO– Visa Overstay
Application Delivered: 08/20/2012
I-1145 Received: 08/22/2012
Service Center: Nebraska
Biometric Done: 09/21/2012

Original Evidence:
-Certified translated Birth certificate
-High school transcript plus ids for all four year.
-College transcript
-2011 tax returns

RFE Notice Date: 10/17/2012
RFE Reason: TBA
RFE Response: TBA
RFE Sent Date: TBA
RFE Delivered: TBA

My only guess would be I didn’t show enough evidence for the year 2007. I have a 2007 tax return I hope that’s enough; I forgot to send it because I figured I have enough evidence. I was more worried that maybe I had to much evidence.

APPROVED 10/26/12


Username: DreamBigGirl
EWI: NO. visa overstay
Application Delivered: 08/15/12
Service Center: Nebraska
Biometric Done: 09/12/12

Original Evidence:
Passport with stamp
birth certificate
High School Diploma dated June 2007
High school transcripts
College transcripts
Letters from national honor society

RFE Notice Date: 10/9/12
RFE Letter Recieved: 10/16/12 (my lawyer received one, i didn't)
RFE Reason: Continuous presence from June 2007 - Fall 2008 and for the entire year of 2011
RFE Response: I sent back bank statements for each month in 2011, utility bills for 2011, medicare records 2011 and 2007, copies of checks i cashed in 2007, letter from employer in 2007 , affidavit , amazon receipts, costco wholesale receipts, placement test dates and tuition receipt. And I also sent gym agreement from 2008.
RFE Sent Date: 10/19/12 by lawyer
RFE Delivered: TBA

APPROVED 11/01/12


Username: Oasis
EWI: NO. Visa overstay.
Application Delivered: 08/20/12
I-1145 Received: 08/27/12
Service Center: Nebraska
Biometric Done: 09/06/12

Original Evidence:
Entry before 16 - My 194 visa and passport stamp
Graduated high school - My Diploma on 2005
Continuous presence 2006: Kaplan summer class registration
Continuous presence for June 2007: Money transfer paypal transaction and old passport that expired 2007 telling them i renewed it 2007 in the US.
Continuous presence for 2008-2011 college transcript
Continue presence for 2012 June 15th - bank statement for the month of June

RFE Notice Date: 10/2/12
RFE Reason: TBA
RFE Response: TBA
RFE Sent Date: TBA
RFE Delivered: TBA

APPROVED 11/09/12


Username: tummy tickler
Application Delivered: 08/18/12
Service Center: Nebraska
Biometric Done: 09/14/2012

Original Evidence:
-birth certificate with translation
-high school transcript
-my baby first birth certificate
- second baby birth certificate
Hospital bills

RFE Notice Date: 10/31/12
RFE Reason: need evidence for school graduation
RFE Response:
Sent my high school diploma it was only one paper and I send it I. The envelop they gave me
RFE Sent Date: 11/06/12
RFE Delivered: 11/09/12

APPROVED 11/14/12


Username: (MUSLIMAH23)
Application Delivered: (08/16/2012)
I-1145 Received: (08/20/2012)
Service Center: (Nebraska)
Biometric Done: (09/14/2012)

Original Evidence:
i-94 arrival card
medical records
1 affidavit which covered all of the years
high school diploma
school ID's
marriage record
child born in usa
delivery records
some purchase receipts

RFE Notice Date: (11/01/2012)
RFE Reason: (prove continuous presence for years 2007, 2008, 2009)
RFE Response: (i had renewed my country passport at new york embassy so i had sent a proof of renewal in jan 2007. also sent in 3 affidavits for 2007. for 2008 and 2009 i had strong dental records for each month)
RFE Sent Date: (11/09/2012)
RFE Delivered: (11/13/2012)

Follow-up/Comment: (asking an undocumented person to prove their presence in usa is mind boggling. there's a reason we live 'in shadows')

APPROVED 11/19/12


nanjungmo 10-05-2012 01:53 PM

Re: >>>>>>>>>RFE Thread
i also received my RFE. before posting my information, could you let me know if RFE is processed quicker instead going through the normal course again?

arclite 10-05-2012 01:55 PM

Re: >>>>>>>>>RFE Thread

Originally Posted by nanjungmo (Post 330712)
i also received my RFE. before posting my information, could you let me know if RFE is processed quicker instead going through the normal course again?

Check this thread. The OP got approved quickly after responding to his RFE.


hooney 10-05-2012 01:57 PM

Re: >>>>>>>>>RFE Thread

Username: guatedreamer
EWI: No – Visa Overstay
Application Delivered: 8/21/12
I-1145 Received: 08/27/12
Service Center: Texas
Biometric Done: 09/19/12

Original Evidence:
Proof of identity
• School ids (3)
• Copy of 1(800)the lost info card
• Personal id finger print card
• Copy of passport and original birth certificate (along with translations
Proof of entrance before 15 yrs
• Copy of I-94 card
• Passport/translation
June 15th presence
• Affadavit from my Pastor covering 2007-present
• Print out of fb status on 6/15 stating going to Indiana dunes beach to celebrate
• 2 print outs of photos of me at the beach also displaying the properties (date and time)
• Print out from actual Indiana Dunes beach site showing building I was standing in front of in pictures
• Copy of receipt from outlet mall that day I went to afterwards
• Copy of receipt from other store I went to before leaving for the beach
• Copy of receipts for CVS and TJ Mx for 06/13 and 06/27
• Copy of movie stubs and train tickets for 05/05, 06/18, 05/29
• Email print outs sent morning of 06/15 – I network with other dreamers so I made sure to pass along the good news
Proof of consecutive years
• College transcript covering spring 2009-fall term 2012
• High school transcript covering 2004-2009
• Scholarship letter award 2011
• Copy of program completion letter 2011
• Scholarship award letter 2010
• Copy of bill statement for school summer 2012
• Copy of registration bill statement for fall 2012
School records
• Associates degree Diploma, high school diploma, Jr. High diploma, Kindergarten
• Copy of grade 05 and 07 report card
• Student grade card for 1998-2002
• About 25 evidence documents ranging from the 90’s to 2012 showing awards I’ve received, or letters of recommendation, other miscellaneous certificates. I have something for every year.
Medical Records
• Dental exam 2011
• Medical exam 2010
• Medical insurance 2008
• Copy of immunizations 2001
• Prescription copies
• Other misc. copies.

RFE Notice Date: I received the Text to check site. Haven’t received official letter yet 10/11/12

Follow-up/Comment: Called uscis after a month of still never receiving an RFE letter and already requesting a new one to be sent. They said that on Oct 25th, they sent me an email to disregard the RFE notice and that I my i821d was actually approved that same day. Which makes sense, seeing how I've already received my EAD card on oct 31st and my ssn came in the mail today. Still, I don't understand why it had to be so complicated. lol. but yay mee.

APPROVED 10/31/12


Username: shiro13
Application Delivered: 08/31/12
I-1145 Received: 9/5/12
Service Center: Texas
Biometric Done: 9/20/12

Original Evidence:
Copy of valid and expired passports.
Birth Certificate
I-94 and stamps of entry.
unofficial high school transcript. (2004-2008 )
Copy of high school diploma
Medical record (2004-2011 )
Official college transcript (2008-2012)
Bank Statement (June 2012)

RFE Notice Date: 10/22/12
RFE Reason: Not enough evidence for 2009, 2010, and no evidence for 2011
RFE Response: Sent my transcripts again, college summary payment, bank statements, email receipts, and tax forms.
RFE Sent Date: 10/30/12
RFE Delivered: 11/01/12

Follow-up/Comment: I honestly don't know why I got RFE when I provided all the evidence they needed for each section. The the person who is reviewing my case must be super tired while looking at mine.

APPROVED 11/06/12


Username: Justin2014 's Brothers
Application Delivered: 08/18/2012
I-1145 Received: 08/21/2012
Service Center: Texas
Biometric Done: 09/17/2012

Original Evidence: List all of your evidence before the RFE.

1st Brother:
Birth Certificate
2008-2012 Bank Statements( every three months)
Advance Parole Letter
High School Transcript graduated in 2009.
2 Passport pics
High School Diploma
June 15 Bank Statement

2nd Bro.
High school transcript 2012 (still in High school)
Middle school transcript 2007 (was in middle school in 2007)
June 15th Bank statement
Advance Parole
Passport pics
Birth certificate

RFE Notice Date: Bro 1: (10/10/2012) Bro 2: (10/11/2012) We are still waiting for the letter.
RFE Reason: I dont know yet since we haven't received the letter.
RFE Notice Date: 10/10/2012

Follow-up/Comment: Well both of my brother's RFE was cancelled!! After the update on the USCIS website, we waited two weeks and then called USCIS for not receiving the RFE letter. They said they will send out another letter, we got a letter saying that RFE was cancelled and told us to disregard the RFE and the case is under review and with an officer. It was NOT update on the USCIS site so we were still concerned what is going on, so I called AGAIN. The lady told us that both of my brother's case is approved already. =)

APPROVED 11/16/12


Obey_DrosKid 10-05-2012 01:57 PM

Re: >>>>>>>>>RFE Thread

Originally Posted by hooney (Post 330707)
Thank you!

Can you give us an update after your RFE is delivered? Thanks.

sure will :D

Stephanie61593 10-05-2012 02:21 PM

Re: >>>>>>>>>RFE Thread
are you allowed to put concerns in this thread? lol
Like if you worry that your going to get and RFE and discuss the possibilites

hooney 10-05-2012 02:32 PM

Re: >>>>>>>>>RFE Thread

Originally Posted by Stephanie61593 (Post 330748)
are you allowed to put concerns in this thread? lol
Like if you worry that your going to get and RFE and discuss the possibilites

Feel free to do so.
I am also in full of worries :-?
I would like to see some discussions about it here; anything.

galsen25 10-05-2012 02:41 PM

Re: >>>>>>>>>RFE Thread
I submitted a boarding pass to go from ny to seattle dated jun 12 does anyone think they will ask for actual proof of jun 15. Been really worried they might think I left the country or something

Stephanie61593 10-05-2012 03:03 PM

Re: >>>>>>>>>RFE Thread

Originally Posted by hooney (Post 330767)
Feel free to do so.
I am also in full of worries :-?
I would like to see some discussions about it here; anything.

Great we can help each other :)

So I've been reading about the RFE and some seem to be proof of continuous residence from 2011 to June 15, 2012. I came here when I was 4 in 1998 with a B2. So I put copies of old passport with I-94, new passport, birth certificate and translation, school records since 2003-2011, notarized copies of my middle school diploma ('07) and high school diploma ('11), copy of college acceptance ('11), and finally bank statements from May 10th to June 11, 2012, June 12th to July 11th 2012, and July 12th to August 9th 2012.

Plus I also added copies of my EAD and SN which are legal, because I had a case that didn't go thru. Which I put my Alien and SN # on my application.

I'm concerned about getting and RFE because I don't know if I have enough proof from 2011 to 2012. I graduated June 2011 (HS Diploma) and I put things for mid 2012 but not the beginning so I feel like the 6mths may be what kills me...Thoughts?

PS: I added a copy of my college ID it said *Fall 2012* and in the app my last day attended to classes was May 5th, 2011 because that was the end of the Spring Semester, and when I filled out my application the Fall semester hadn't started.

Stephanie61593 10-05-2012 03:13 PM

Re: >>>>>>>>>RFE Thread

Originally Posted by galsen25 (Post 330784)
I submitted a boarding pass to go from ny to seattle dated jun 12 does anyone think they will ask for actual proof of jun 15. Been really worried they might think I left the country or something

Yes as I was explained it doesn't have to be specifically June 15th, but it does have to be around there. I submitted bank statements, which had transactions from June 8th, 11, 25th. The ironic thing for me is that June 15th was my birthday so everyone paid for me at dinner and movies lol.

Did the boarding pass say it was from NY to Seattle? I think your fine.

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