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Vermont Service Center RFE

Username: Dreamer_Hind
EWI: NO. Visa Overstay
Application Delivered: 08/21/12
I-1145 Received: 08/24/12
Service Center: Vermont
Biometric Done: 09/12/12

Original Evidence: Expired(2006) Passport with last entry date in 2000 when I first came here. I-94 which has no stamp on the back so I thought that would be sufficient for residency since I never left US. Birth certificate. High school report cards from 2006 till 2010 with High School Diploma and original transcript(graduated on June 14, 2010.) A receipt for a cell phone case I bought on June 15, 2012.

RFE Notice Date: 09/27/12
RFE Reason: You submitted your high school transcripts which establish your residence until your graduation on June 14, 2010. You also submitted a receipt from cell phone accessories dated June 15, 2012, but the document is not enough to show residency for two year period between the date you graduated and the date on the receipt. Therefore, additional evidence is needed to show you continuously resided in US since you graduated from high school.
RFE Response: TBA
RFE Sent Date: TBA
RFE Delivered: TBA

Follow-up/Comment: I do not know what I can send because I have nothing under my name. I don't work anywhere and I have one picture I took with my friends in October 2011 and I attended a wedding on May 2012. I came here with visitor's visa and overstayed. After I graduated I never left any foot print behind nor I hung out with friends. I do have 3 receipts that I took a picture of but don't have the actual receipt because the iphone app "Lemon" saves the receipts but the receipts are from local store and Walmart which doesn't have my name on them and are dated on November 2011. I live under someone's name and I have nothing under my name. I am thinking to send affidavit of my friends saying we met a lot of times in the form of this:
I, the undersigned, NAME OF PERSON WRITING AFFIDAVIT, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare on oath that:

1. I have been personally acquainted with [BENEFICIARY] since [DATE].
3. During the period starting [BEGINNING DATE OF TIME GAP] and ending [END DATE OF TIME GAP], I personally witnessed {BENEFICIARY] residing and being present in the United States on the following occasions:
a. [OCCASION #1—include specific information about dates, locations, and activities]
b. [OCCASION #2--ditto]
c. [Etc.]

But I know this isn't strong evidence to proof continuous residency.

Approval: TBA


Username: jayman2717
Application Delivered: 8/22/12
Service Center: Vermont
Biometric Done: 9/10/12

Original Evidence:
one medical report
school grade reports
school transcript
my uncle tax return

proof present on june 152012
june bank statement having transction on june 12
and june 21
electric bill for june

proof of con't presence for five years
car registration for 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
car insurence 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
2 bank statement per year 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
my 4and half year old son birth certificate
ged certificate dated sep 2007
public library written statment saying
i been member for past seven years
i really did not send any thing for june july august 2007 . i thought i provided public library letter.

RFE Notice Date: 10/01/12. received in mail 10/03/12
RFE Reason: Asking me to prove between June 15 2007 to august 2007
RFE Response: I send in notarized letter from landlord saying i been living there for seven years including June July august 2007. Money order receipts showing that i paid rent for those three months and Hospital form dated may 2007.
RFE Sent Date: 10/04/12
RFE Delivered: TBA

Approval: TBA


username: RomeneypaystaxesLOL
Application Delivered: (8/20/12)
I-1145 Received: (8/31/12)
Service Center: (Vermont)
Biometric Done: (9/12/12)

Original Evidence:
Expired visa
Expired Passport and valid passport
Birth certificate
High school and collage ID'S
High school transcript 2006-2009
Collage transcripts 2009-2012
Bankstatement showing purchase made on the 14th of June and 16th
Case disposition of a misdemeanor which was minor

RFE Text Date: (11/02/12)
RFE Reason: TBA
RFE Response: TBA

Approval: TBA


Username: Nikkim
EWI: No visa overstay
Application Delivered: 8/01/12
I-1145 Received: 9/4/2012
Service Center: Vermont
Biometric Done: 9/17/12

Original Evidence:
High school transcripts 2005-2009
College transcripts 2011-2012
Background check
Birth certificate
Current bank statement

RFE Notice Date: 11/6/12
RFE Reason: Needed evidence for the whole year of 2010
RFE Response: sent 3 desperate emails for 3 different months
Copy of passport extension stamp
IRS letters for 2 different months
Jewelry receipts with my name
Bank statement and letter from bank
College transcript receipt
College transcript request form
RFE Sent Date: 11/13/12
RFE Delivered: 11/16/12

Follow-up/Comment: I had something for each month except two but the weren't consecutive so I hope that's okay.

Approval: TBA

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