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California Service Center RFE

Username: danieltij
EWI: yes
Application Delivered: 08/27/12
Service Center: California
Biometric Done: 09/26/12

Original Evidence:
-birth certificate with translation
-high school diploma
-high school transcripts(2006-2010)
-middle school transcripts(2003-2006)
-elementary school transcripts(1998-2003)
-immunization record(1992-1998
-elementary, middle, and high school certificates and awards
-bank statements
-credit card statements
-matricula consular ID

RFE Notice Date: 10/31/12
RFE Reason: need evidence for june 2010 to december 2011
RFE Response:
-dentist record from august 2010
-certificate from november 2010
-psn transaction history from june, july, august, november, and december of 2010
-credit card statements for every month of 2011
RFE Sent Date: 11/13/12
RFE Delivered: 11/14/12

Approval: TBA

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