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Nebraska Service Center RFE

Username: Dreamernb87
Application Delivered: (8/23/12)
I-1145 Received: (8/28/12)
Service Center: (Nebraska)
Biometric Done: (9/25/12)

Original Evidence:
School transcript (2001-2006)
High School Diploma
W-2 (2007)
Tax Forms (2009,2010,2011)
Bank Statements (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 )

RFE Text Date: (11/02/12)
RFE Reason: No evidence for 2008
RFE Response: Clinic Receipt for the year of 2008
My country's Immigration records (Which shows i have not returned to my country since leaving in 2001) - Translated
World of Warcraft - Subscription payment history (2004-2012) ( including 2008 )
3 Notarized Affidavits for the year of 2008

RFE Sent Date: 11/21/12

Approval: TBA


Username: smsnene
EWI: no, visa overstay
Service Center: Nebraska
Biometric Done: 09/19/12 (walk-in)

Original Evidence:
birth certificate
expired visa 1989
vaccination record 1989-present
school record 1992-2006
high school diploma 2006
college certificate 2007
college certificate 2008
sons birth certificate 2009
sons vaccination record 2009-present
daughters birth certificate 2012
daughters vaccination record 2012-present

RFE Notice Date: 10/30/12 (online) 11/05/12 (mail)
RFE Reason:
need proof of presence before June 15, 2007
need proof for 2010
need proof of presence before June 15, 2012
RFE Response:
invoice for paid tuition from 01/07-07/07
confirmation for 2007
bank statements for 2010
2 Alfadavits for 2009-2010 just in case
sons clinic visits with my signature
medicaid coverage for my son in 2010
RFE Sent Date: TBA
RFE Delivered: TBA

Follow-up/Comment: Like my lawyer said she doesn't know why i got an RFE if other clients she had sent less evidence and got approved so she required me to get extra evidence for other years just in case because this is a one shot thing

Approval: TBA

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