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Texas Service Center RFE

Username: Venomstrikes
EWI: --
Application Delivered: 8/17/2012
I-1145 Received: 08/24/2012
Service Center: Texas Service Center
Biometric Done: 08.17.2012

Original Evidence: Medical records, School records, bank statements, religous records, Previous immigration paperwork, translated birth certificate, tax records.. transcripts and so on.

RFE Notice Date: 10/10/2012
RFE Reason: TBA
RFE Response: TBA
RFE Sent Date: TBA
RFE Delivered: TBA

Approval: TBA


Username: emma07
EWI: yes
Application Delivered: 08/17/12
I-1145 Received: 08/24/12
Service Center: texas
Biometric Done: 09/14/12

Original Evidence: middle school diploma 2006,h.s transcript 2010,immunization record, 5th grade diploma,passports expired and up to date,matricula,awards from school,work schedule,tax returns,employer letter

RFE Notice Date: 10/22/12 letter recieved 10/29/12
RFE Reason: proof of presence june 15 2007 to end of 2007
RFE Response: doctors apointments,vision exams,dental exams,transcript from hs again with letter from principal, letter from church when i did my quinceanera.
RFE Sent Date: 10/31/12
RFE Delivered: TBA

Follow-up/Comment: sent alot of information from 2008-2012 and little from 2007 made it look shady for the year 2007 i think

Approval: TBA

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