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Username: Girl09
EWI: NO. visa overstay
Application Delivered:08/20/12
Service Center: Vermont
Biometric Done: 09/11/12. walk in. original date was 09/14.

Original Evidence:
Visa - with Entry stamp
immunization records from back in 2001-2003
translated birth certificate
high school id's from 2005 - 2009, plus College Id with no year
High School Diploma dated June 2009
High school transcripts
College transcripts up until prsent time (which I thought would cover me for june 15th, since I was taking 3 courses in the summer)

RFE Notice Date: 09/21/12
RFE Reason: Continuous presence from june 2009 till present and proof of presence in june 15th 2012. (I had originally sent my college transcripts that covered both of these requirements. For June 15th 2012, I was actually enrolled in 3 summer courses)
RFE Response: I sent a bank statement for June 15th 2012 with a purchase made on that date. a Paystub for that period, and again my college transcript.
for the continuous presence I sent medical records (about 4 doctor visit throughout each year), tax return for 2011, 2 checks issued to my name during 2010 (kind of like self employed), copy of my ITIN form dated back to 2007, and again, my college transcripts. this time I highlighted the dates and made a cover letter, so that they wont miss anything.
RFE Sent Date: 10/02/12
RFE Delivered: 10/04/12

I received a message from USCIS saying that they got my package on Oct 9th.
Today I checked online and I was approved!
no text message. no email. nothing... but there it was!!!!!

APPROVED 10/12/12


Username: arclite
Application Delivered: 8/23/12
I-1145 Received: 8/28/12
Service Center: Vermont
Biometric Done: 9/14/12. sched 9/19

Original Evidence:
My Birth certificate
Marriage certificate 2010
Receipt for marriage application 2010
My Child birth certifacate
School transcript 1999-2008
2008 Report Card
Diploma 2008
Child birth certifacate 2011
Several medical bills from 2011 to August 2012
Hospital records from giving birth 2011

RFE Notice Date: 10/01/12. Received in mail 10/03
RFE Reason: Need more proof of continous residence
RFE Response: Will send doctors visit report, resubmit marriage certificate, bill for wedding, plus other bills and some affidavits and maybe even some facebook post
RFE Sent Date: 10/11/12
RFE Delivered: Expected to deliver 10/12/12

APPROVED 10/17/12


Username: Russman
EWI: NO. visa overstay
Application Delivered: 08/24/12
Service Center: Vermont
Biometric Done: 09/13/12. walk in. original date was 09/25.

Original Evidence:
immunization records
birth certificate
High School Diploma dated June 2006
High school transcripts
College transcripts
College Degree

RFE Notice Date: 10/5/12
RFE Letter Recieved: 10/9/12
RFE Reason: Continuous presence from February 2010 - March 2012
RFE Response: I sent back bank statements for each month during that period. (Thank god for Chase's online statement archives)
RFE Sent Date: 10/10/12 (Fedex Overnight)
RFE Delivered: 10/11/12 (Text Message received saying they updated my status to show they received my response)

APPROVED 10/18/12


Username: solo
Application Delivered: 08/15/12
I-1145 Received: 08/21/12
Service Center: Vermont
Biometric Done: 09/12/12

Original Evidence:
1 form g-28, notice of entry of appearance as attorney
2 form i-765, application for employment authorization
3 formi-765ws, worksheet
4 form i-821d, consideration of deferred action for childhood arrivals
5 copy of requester's birth certificatew/ translation
6 copy of requester's passport
7 requester's high school diploma
8 requester's academic transcrips & grade reports
9 requester's immunization records
10 requester's bank account statements evincing proof of u.s recidency on 06/15/2012
11 requester's 2009-2011 federal tax returns
12 a check in the amount of $465.00 for i-821 filing fees

RFE Notice Date: 09/26/12
RFE Reason: Tax Returns from 09 to 11 werent notarized and they need more proof
RFE Response: Hospital bills, Bank Statements, Pay stubs.
RFE Sent: 10/01/12
RFE Delivered: 10/11/12

APPROVED 10/22/12


Username: dude33
Application Delivered: 08/21/12
I-1145 Received: 08/23/12
Service Center: Vermont
Biometric Done: 09/13/12

Original Evidence:
i sent in my 194 for proof that i was here before 2007
junior high report cards
church baptism certificate
high school diploma
high school transcript
college bill
and other college stuff, acceptance letters
high school transcript that clearly shows 2008 to 2012

RFE Notice Date: 10/01/12
RFE Reason: Need to show proof of continuance presence from June 2009 to July 10 2012
RFE Response: First i was wtf .. i sent my transcript and stuff from college .. the bill that i had to get adjusted for instate tuition showed July 11th .. i sent every report card , certificate every piece of paper that i could find .. for the July 10 thing all i had was sallie mae payment plan which i paid on July 2nd
RFE Sent Date: 10/04/12
RFE Delivered: sent priority mail hopefully Tuesday

APPROVED 10/29/12


Username: Agazmatt
Application Delivered: (09/10/12)
I-1145 Received: (09/12/12)
Service Center: (Vermont)
Biometric Done: (09/24/12)

Original Evidence: Current passport, Old passport with I-94 and all entry stamps, High school transcripts 2004-2009, High school Diploma, AP scholar award, June 16 CompUSA receipt, GQ magazine subscription letter 2008-present and Condo association letter stating I have been a tenant since September 2009 till present.

RFE Notice Date: (11/09/12)
RFE Reason: Did not provide any evidence for residence in the U.S. for the year 2007.
RFE Response: Sent back copy of high school transcripts from 2004 to 2009, a diploma I got from 2007, a letter of school attendance for the same year and a school id for the year 06-07.
RFE Sent Date: (11/14/12)
RFE Delivered: (11/15/12)

Follow-up/Comment: I believe they overlooked my transcripts.

APPROVED 11/20/12


Username: Marco Escobardreamer
Application Delivered: 08/23/2012
I-1145 Received: 08/26/2012
Service Center: Vermont
Biometric Done: 09/20/2012

Original Evidence:
*passport copy
*Original birth certificate
*Translate birth certificate
*Copy of diploma
*Official transcript [in envelope]
*unofficial transcript "just taught to my self why not send it won't hurt a bit"
*Report Card
*vacine records
*Medical records
Transcript additional detail
Transcript covered the 3 requirements for DACA
*enter country before the age of 16
*be in the country for 5 consecutive years
*graduate from high school or being in the process of graduating
*be in the country on june 15
Report card
*showed the dated of my graduation which was june 15

RFE Notice Date: 10/18/2012
RFE Reason: (still waiting for letter)
RFE Response: writing letter by councilor and middle school transcript plus a picture of an award i got in 8th grade
RFE Sent Date: a day after hurricane sandy landed on east coast not sure exact date.
RFE Delivered: november 6, 2012

Follow-up/Comment: I Will keep my case up to date, I know for a fact that my case is unique because other people in this thread were ask for evidence that i had already sent, So I'm confuse because i can't relate no body here but i just hope everything works out and that I'm able to acquired the evidence they need.

the reason why my transcript didn't cover the 5 years of residency was because i withdrew from high school my freshman year so there was a big gap that i had to show evidence, luckily my former councilor was still working in my school other wise i would had been fucked with no recorded showing that i did attend the school because when you graduated the school sends grades to their main offices not attendance well i don't know if they send attendance for sure. even if they did it would had been really hard to get the information

APPROVED 11/16/12
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