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Username: guatedreamer
EWI: No – Visa Overstay
Application Delivered: 8/21/12
I-1145 Received: 08/27/12
Service Center: Texas
Biometric Done: 09/19/12

Original Evidence:
Proof of identity
• School ids (3)
• Copy of 1(800)the lost info card
• Personal id finger print card
• Copy of passport and original birth certificate (along with translations
Proof of entrance before 15 yrs
• Copy of I-94 card
• Passport/translation
June 15th presence
• Affadavit from my Pastor covering 2007-present
• Print out of fb status on 6/15 stating going to Indiana dunes beach to celebrate
• 2 print outs of photos of me at the beach also displaying the properties (date and time)
• Print out from actual Indiana Dunes beach site showing building I was standing in front of in pictures
• Copy of receipt from outlet mall that day I went to afterwards
• Copy of receipt from other store I went to before leaving for the beach
• Copy of receipts for CVS and TJ Mx for 06/13 and 06/27
• Copy of movie stubs and train tickets for 05/05, 06/18, 05/29
• Email print outs sent morning of 06/15 – I network with other dreamers so I made sure to pass along the good news
Proof of consecutive years
• College transcript covering spring 2009-fall term 2012
• High school transcript covering 2004-2009
• Scholarship letter award 2011
• Copy of program completion letter 2011
• Scholarship award letter 2010
• Copy of bill statement for school summer 2012
• Copy of registration bill statement for fall 2012
School records
• Associates degree Diploma, high school diploma, Jr. High diploma, Kindergarten
• Copy of grade 05 and 07 report card
• Student grade card for 1998-2002
• About 25 evidence documents ranging from the 90’s to 2012 showing awards I’ve received, or letters of recommendation, other miscellaneous certificates. I have something for every year.
Medical Records
• Dental exam 2011
• Medical exam 2010
• Medical insurance 2008
• Copy of immunizations 2001
• Prescription copies
• Other misc. copies.

RFE Notice Date: I received the Text to check site. Haven’t received official letter yet 10/11/12

Follow-up/Comment: Called uscis after a month of still never receiving an RFE letter and already requesting a new one to be sent. They said that on Oct 25th, they sent me an email to disregard the RFE notice and that I my i821d was actually approved that same day. Which makes sense, seeing how I've already received my EAD card on oct 31st and my ssn came in the mail today. Still, I don't understand why it had to be so complicated. lol. but yay mee.

APPROVED 10/31/12


Username: shiro13
Application Delivered: 08/31/12
I-1145 Received: 9/5/12
Service Center: Texas
Biometric Done: 9/20/12

Original Evidence:
Copy of valid and expired passports.
Birth Certificate
I-94 and stamps of entry.
unofficial high school transcript. (2004-2008 )
Copy of high school diploma
Medical record (2004-2011 )
Official college transcript (2008-2012)
Bank Statement (June 2012)

RFE Notice Date: 10/22/12
RFE Reason: Not enough evidence for 2009, 2010, and no evidence for 2011
RFE Response: Sent my transcripts again, college summary payment, bank statements, email receipts, and tax forms.
RFE Sent Date: 10/30/12
RFE Delivered: 11/01/12

Follow-up/Comment: I honestly don't know why I got RFE when I provided all the evidence they needed for each section. The the person who is reviewing my case must be super tired while looking at mine.

APPROVED 11/06/12


Username: Justin2014 's Brothers
Application Delivered: 08/18/2012
I-1145 Received: 08/21/2012
Service Center: Texas
Biometric Done: 09/17/2012

Original Evidence: List all of your evidence before the RFE.

1st Brother:
Birth Certificate
2008-2012 Bank Statements( every three months)
Advance Parole Letter
High School Transcript graduated in 2009.
2 Passport pics
High School Diploma
June 15 Bank Statement

2nd Bro.
High school transcript 2012 (still in High school)
Middle school transcript 2007 (was in middle school in 2007)
June 15th Bank statement
Advance Parole
Passport pics
Birth certificate

RFE Notice Date: Bro 1: (10/10/2012) Bro 2: (10/11/2012) We are still waiting for the letter.
RFE Reason: I dont know yet since we haven't received the letter.
RFE Notice Date: 10/10/2012

Follow-up/Comment: Well both of my brother's RFE was cancelled!! After the update on the USCIS website, we waited two weeks and then called USCIS for not receiving the RFE letter. They said they will send out another letter, we got a letter saying that RFE was cancelled and told us to disregard the RFE and the case is under review and with an officer. It was NOT update on the USCIS site so we were still concerned what is going on, so I called AGAIN. The lady told us that both of my brother's case is approved already. =)

APPROVED 11/16/12

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