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It's better this way and a good move by the dems. The GOP would drag dreamers through the mud (as they have done before) if they tried to push immigration with the border crisis going on. Dreamers and Dems would get hammered. Timing is important for immigration and right now is a terrible time.
That’s the problem, it’s never the right time. It hasn’t been the “right time” for the last thirty years. That’s why I hope they just remove the 3/10 year ban for childhood arrivals so that a lot of us can just leave and move on with our lives but still visit from time to time. Personally I could give two shits where I live but since my entire life was here it would be nice to visit now and then. It would be easier to stay here since I built a pretty nice life here but I’m getting raped on taxes so the first thing I would do is move to a low tax country and enjoy the savings.
“…If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich blame yo’ self…” - Herman Cain
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