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Originally Posted by GiveMeAChance View Post
There are a lot of posts being posted that have nothing to do with the subject. I know only members can post, but this forum is open to the public. I'd be ashamed if someone passing by read those comments.

I understand most of the people here are young high schoolers but let's keep it clean in here. It's not helping us out. You're just giving people more amunition to shut us down.

I am specifically referring to the comments posted on the "Rubio Wants GOP DREAM Act in Place in Time for Fall College Semester Read more" thread.

I'm assuming this forum was created to talk about the DREAM Act and now about who wants to bang the President of the US from behind or vice versa! (feel free to delete this paragraph after a moderator reads it. I am ashamed of having to retype it)


If you haven't noticed, when you click on the FORUM link, all the way at the bottom it tells you how many people are online. Right now this is what it says:

Currently Active Users: 124 (10 members and 114 guests)

Weather those 114 guests are DREAMers or Citizens, or maybe even Politicians, I don't know. But this forum is the first to pop up when you're searching for DREAM Act forums. We're only as strong as our weakest link (or our weakest post in this case) and those posts are really weak!

Moderator/s you guys should be ultimately responsible for taking out these messages that makes us all look bad as a group. If you need help, I volunteer. And I completely disagree that moderators cannot get themselves involved in the discussions (as you mentioned in a previous post).

I can totally put my thoughts and feelings aside and focus on deleting the spam and the comments that have nothing to do with the thread.
I agree on that. Man, women are so much thoughtful than guys!
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