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Well, good to know we have someone that we can ask if we deserve a greed card or not. Just remember everyone, before you apply for your green card, as Diplock if your current situation is befitting to his standards. If it doesn't meet his standards and he states that you don't deserve a green card, don't bother applying as his opinion is all that matters.
Originally Posted by IamAman View Post
Sorry, I didn't read all the threads. Here is what I got:
"I went to two lawyers and they said i can get my green card in 6 months"
"I don't know what to do!"

Let's backtrack to statement one and here is what you do:
1. go to the lawyer.
2. pay the lawyer
3. get your green card in 6 months.

I'm not sure who is more to blame here, you or your mom. Your mom has the excuse of being an ignorant immigrant who never thought about your future. You on the other hand supposedly were here since 1 weeks old. It never occurred to you that your friends could get jobs, driver's licenses, apply to college, etc. and all you had was an old passport from whereever?
Seems like some of you ppl arnt reading the whole tread CORRECTLY ...WTF R U TALKIN ABOUT..U MAKE NO SENSE . WHAT DOES MY FRIENDS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING ? I NEVER HAD A PASSPORT.. HOW IS THERE BLAME ON ME ..LIKE I SAID I COULD NEVER WORK WITH OUT A PERMIT .Im only 20 tf. SECOND OFF ALL U THINK I DIDNT CRY EVERY DAY HOLDIN MY SON AND KNOWING I COULDNT PROVIDE FOR HIM. IT WOULD BREAK MY HEART WHEN I WOULD THINK HOW MY LIFE WOULD BE SO DIFFERENT IF I had the chance to adjust .U think There wasnt days where I would talk crap to my mom and make her feel like sh** because at the moment I was really hurt and full of resentment. Ive been tru alot in my life and im sure u have also.So if anything please I dnt need sh** Talkers on my post . Thanks.
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