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Originally Posted by IamAman View Post
You sound very classy with you being 20, already having a kid, and not being able to put two sentences together despite of being almost born here. We've all had tough childhoods here, but all of us here knew something was wrong and at least tried to do something about it. The difference between us and you however is that unlike you, we all hit dead ends because we had no way to change our status and meanwhile you've been basically sitting on a green card and haven't even bothered to do anything about it.
Look seriously idk wtf is your problem . I already told you to excuse your self out of my post . Second of all If I dnt type the way you want me to type, That's your bad. Third of all for the million time I have not been sitting on my ass not doin anything . Yoi do not know my life or my situation.I have tried to tell my mom evry year to do something and she would say she would. At the end I guess she didnt , So that is why I am DOING SOMETHING NOW. NOW THAT I GOT MY WORK PERMIT I CAN WORK AND SAVE MONEY , GET AN ATTORNEY AND GET ON IT .
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