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07-10-2014, 07:06 PM
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Sounds like you were too busy having babies instead of fixing your status. And YES, I am "JELLY" because people like you who take no initiative and have no problem solving skills in their lives have such wonderful opportunities and decide to sit like a lame duck and go on forums so people can spoon feed you instructions and fill out your paperwork for you. And people like US who are proactive are out here working hard everyday to secure our futures by PLANNING ahead in life.

You should have learned your lesson from your mother. And should have taken this into your own hands a long time ago. But the best thing for you right now is to start acting.

And yes, I will excuse myself from this forum because you KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO. Which is exactly what you've already gotten from the lawyer. Also if you don't like criticism don't post stuff online. There are always haters.
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