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I heard a few of you have been to Puerto Rico without problems, so I am planning to visit next summer. However, I keep reading that Culebra island is a must visit location, but it is located off Puerto Rico, but still belongs to the U.S. Has anyone visited this island while in PR? I am afraid to accidentally leave the U.S lol
You'll be fine brother. I went to PR in 2018 and took the ferry to Culebra. It was super cheap, something like $5 roundtrip. Culebra is part of PR so there are no issues. The boat ride is about 45 min and when you arrive, you just get off the boat --nothing is checked or anything (if you're worried about that) and you'll see a bunch of people tryna get you to rent a jeep. My wife, friend, and I rented a golf cart instead and rode that sucker around the island. Check out the tank at the beach -- it's pretty interesting. The beach is ridiculously clear, blue, and beautiful.

Dude - WARNING. Avoid this shit hole Chinese restaurant (Mandarin House) in Condado across from Casino del Mar. Here's a picture of me, my wife, and my boy flipping it off after they conned us. Overpriced, shitty food, and in typical Chinese fashion, they nickel and dime you. Fuck this place to oblivion. I wouldn't be surprised if the meat came from the stray dogs after the hurricane.

Pinche gente puerca animales chinos hijos de su puta madre.

Oh rook! Custamas. O herro, u rike shitty food? U at the light prace hehehe

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