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Originally Posted by jorgeag92 View Post
Did you guys get a car rental while there? I read driving is pretty bad in PR, so I was thinking of mobilizing via uber/cabs
Good call out. The drivers there are worse than Florida. You will see a bunch of cars pulled over on the freeway and people having casual conversations. All the signage is in Spanish and they use the metric system, which is pretty cool because it does give you that feeling of being in a different country, but without leaving the US.

We did rent a car. Ubers weren't expensive. Assuming you're staying near San Juan and If you want to go to Vieques or Culebra, you will need to get some kind of transportation arranged if you're not renting a car. It's about an hour drive. Having a car will give you the chance to see El Yunque forest (which we didn't - it was closed when we were there due to the recent hurricane at the time) and explore other parts of the island. Get ready to hear everyone talk like the lady from Caso Cerrado my dude. Hella funny.

Oh ya, forgot to add. If you rent a car, be prepared to have the insurance pushed on you like crazy. I still opted to go without it. They will try very hard to convince you. Don't fall for their bs.
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