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Seems like some of you ppl arnt reading the whole tread CORRECTLY ...WTF R U TALKIN ABOUT..U MAKE NO SENSE . WHAT DOES MY FRIENDS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING ? I NEVER HAD A PASSPORT.. HOW IS THERE BLAME ON ME ..LIKE I SAID I COULD NEVER WORK WITH OUT A PERMIT .Im only 20 tf. SECOND OFF ALL U THINK I DIDNT CRY EVERY DAY HOLDIN MY SON AND KNOWING I COULDNT PROVIDE FOR HIM. IT WOULD BREAK MY HEART WHEN I WOULD THINK HOW MY LIFE WOULD BE SO DIFFERENT IF I had the chance to adjust .U think There wasnt days where I would talk crap to my mom and make her feel like sh** because at the moment I was really hurt and full of resentment. Ive been tru alot in my life and im sure u have also.So if anything please I dnt need sh** Talkers on my post . Thanks.
You sound very classy with you being 20, already having a kid, and not being able to put two sentences together despite of being almost born here. We've all had tough childhoods here, but all of us here knew something was wrong and at least tried to do something about it. The difference between us and you however is that unlike you, we all hit dead ends because we had no way to change our status and meanwhile you've been basically sitting on a green card and haven't even bothered to do anything about it.
Mid-40's dreamer (yeah, time flies), aged out of original DACA and didn't have a chance to apply for extended DACA after Republicans killed it on the vine. Have family petition that is now officially current but with past skeletons, is risky to move forward with AOS. Life is on hold for now until laws and/or government becomes more friendly. Life kind of sucks at the moment but like Al Bundy and the mighty cockroach, I survive.
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