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Originally Posted by BestBefore1984 View Post
This has the possibility of heading into a rabbit hole that I think none of us want to dive into.

For selfish reasons and while I remain a wetback illegal, I say keep Puerto Rico a US territory so I can visit.

Now removing my ego from this, I really do think Puerto Rico should be its own sovereign nation. Puerto Rico gets the back burner when shit like this happens and the territory has no voting power, in the sense that they don't send representatives to congress, so they can voice their concerns. Then again, we know ALL politicians are corrupt and put their own interest above their constituents. You can get all woo woo with me if you want and defend your representative but you're turning a blind eye to reality.

Anyway, I think Puerto Rico should be free. In fact, I think Hawaii should be free of US influence. Being about 4,826 miles from Washington DC or 2,392 from San Francisco, what business does Washington have dictating how the people of Hawaii should live their lives? The answer is simple --- the US uses the islands as a militarily strategic region -- nothing more. I am 100% behind the Hawaiian sovereignty movement

Past, Present, and Politics: A Look at the Native Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement

In fact, why not let the Southern USA be their own country AKA the Confederate States, AKA Hick town USA Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pan Handle Florida, Arkansas, The Carolinas (Sorry DJM - you would have to adapt to screwing your sisters and brothers if you swing that way), Missouri, Virginia, and territories of the Arizona/New Mexico.

They would have destroyed themselves anyway with their inbreeding, gun loving, BBQ loving obese and diabetes ridden life style. If the US didn't make the mistake to re-unite the Union, we wouldn't have a Nativist in chief right now. We wouldn't have the Moscow Mitches pushing Russian propaganda to the decent people of the US, the Tom Cottons, the Thom Tilliseseseses, the Lindsey Leningrad young boy molesting representatives we have now.

See there is the rabbit hole we just dove head first into that I said we wouldnt wanna dive into mr DJM.

Now don't get me started with Alaska.
Actually Puerto Rico does send a representative to congress.

However, they have no voting rights in the congress which pretty much invalidates the point of the position.

Puerto Rico cannot be a sovereign nation at this point because 100% of them are US citizens, and their citizenship would have to be revoked to turn the island lose. Instead, what should happen is they should become a State just like Hawaii.

Guam and various other inhabited territory islands should gain statehood so they can finally have the support they need from their government.

Guamanians arent even US citizens, but US nationals, making them some sort of off-brand American. Its like a permanent irrevocable green card.

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