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01-04-2021, 11:09 PM
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I'm probably going to be really heavy in this post but anyone else feel that they've wasted the last four years of their lives? I'll preface this by saying I do have pre-existing conditions such as anxiety and depression, but I've been worried ever since Trump announced his presidency and ever since Election Night 2016, I've been constantly worried, it's all I've thought about ever since he was elected and especially since Sessions announced the rescission.

I've gotten more successful in terms of career and income but I haven't enjoyed life at all. I've been waiting for all it to be taken away from me. I rushed into a miserable marriage just in case something happened. But nothing happened, and now I'm still in a miserable loveless marriage looking back on how I've wasted 4 years of my life fearing the worst.

Anyone share the same experience as me? Please seek counseling, I have been, but I guess I've been stubborn and not improved at all. Now it's almost as if not having this worry almost seems like a hole in my life. It's sad, don't be like me.

Please seek a medical professional and if it isn't improving things, try a different person or medication. Don't be like me.

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Suicide Hotline:
4th Renewal - Sent: 9/21/19, Expiring: 8/19/20, Approved: 03/23/20
Final Renewal Attempt? - Sent: 5/20/20, Expiring: 3/22/22
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