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We eloped so not that much. Divorce, it seems that way, but honestly it's not what I wanted and am heartbroken and struggling with the fact that it's leading that way, I think I care more than she does, and it's devastating.
Yeah being forced to marry the first interested person for papers fucking sucked. Honestly it blows that's the only path that's open for us. When all the Indians were bitching and moaning about S 386 again not passing, I almost wanted to cynically ask "Why don't you just marry for papers?".
I-360 (VAWA) filed: 08/21/2018 RFE: 02/27/2020 Due: 05/25/2020 Submitted: 05/21/2020
I-360 approved: 11/10/2020
Removal proceedings terminated: TBD
I-485 filed: TBD
I-485 approved: TBD
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