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Originally Posted by KingGeorge View Post
congrats, what evidence did you present if you don't mind
  • Initial application:
  • I-360
  • Self-affidavit / cover letter
  • Copy of ex's US passport
  • Copy of I-130 approval notice
  • Affidavits from friends and family including ex's father (originally written for the I-130)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Copy of photographs
  • Copies of our driver licenses
  • Copy of joint tax return (unsigned, got it from turbotax)
  • A few months of joint bank statements showing that I was the only one working and that my ex stole money from me
  • RFE:
  • Another cover letter
  • Complete bank statements covering the period we lived together with the following items distinguished:
  • -Rent payments
  • -Bill payments
  • -My wages
  • -Transfers to or from my ex
  • -Transfers from ex's father
  • -Payments for ex's student loans
  • -Tax return payments
  • Cover page from NYS tax return check
  • Receipts for wedding and engagement rings
  • Receipts for various gifts
  • Prior I-130 RFE (similarly they questioned the bona fides of the marriage)
  • Request for a bona fide marriage exemption
  • Copy of receipt notice for a FOIA I filed for my I-130, which was unlikely to be processed by the time the RFE is due
  • College transcripts showing classes we had together
  • Print out from Turbotax showing that the taxes were filed, processed, and issued, matching the amounts on the previously submitted tax returns

Just note that I was previously in removal proceedings so my threshold of evidence went up from "Preponderance of evidence" (more likely than not, 51+%) to "Clear and convincing evidence" (75+%). I saw VAWAs get approved with less than my initial submission.
I-360 (VAWA) filed: 08/21/2018 RFE: 02/27/2020 Due: 05/25/2020 Submitted: 05/21/2020
I-360 approved: 11/10/2020
Removal proceedings terminated: TBD
I-485 filed: TBD
I-485 approved: TBD
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