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So I have a question, if I received an RFE for evidence for 2007, does that mean the rest of my application was fine?
As far as I know, yes. But, there have been some people hit with and RFE after having submitted a RFE. However, I think that is a small minority. Both my brother and I sent in only the info that they required and we were both fine.
Accepted: 12/4/12//Bios: 1/5/13//Transfer: 5/21/13 (to Nebraska)RFE Notice: 7/19/13//RFE Received: 7/22/13
RFE Sent: 7/22/13//RFE Received by NE Center: 7/25/13
EAD: 7/31/13//SSN:8/6/13
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