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06-10-2014, 10:55 PM
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Tell me about it.
I shipped out my response the same day i received the letter..
Court disposition.
I really thought the process would go by faster after an rfe since so many people kept getting approved a week or two after an rfe but I guess those days are over. im really hopeless and depressed at this point already
Application received: 10/02/13
Biometrics done: 11/06/13
1st E-REQUEST : 04/25/14 E-REQUEST RESPONSE:05/11/14
RFE UPDATE:05/20/14 RFE LETTER::05/24/14 RFE SENT::05/29/14 RFE RECEIVED: 06/02/14
DACA approval: 06/13/14 EAD RECEIVED:06/19/14👍😊😄
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