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09-11-2019, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Tacvbo View Post
Fat, ugly kid...Keep quiet when intelligent people are talking. All you do is talk shit that no one likes to follow up on hahaha
All you do is spend your time hitting F5 until I post again. Drooling at the mouth. Sorry to dissapoint lil bean, but you need to keep quiet when the real dreamers are talking. All you do is produce forum spam. All you do is talk bullshit about a conjured up lie of a lief you pretend to have.

You can't even lie properly? Why not just step on back to mexico so a productive dreamer can take your spot?

I am better than you in nearly every way. Impostors like you, are like tomatoes to me, so soft. I pick em off the vine one by one.

Wall + DA + Deport UWD & scumfuck(hallowpoint)
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