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02-01-2021, 11:49 AM
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Also I am holding 2 stocks for GME purchased at $108. Should I sell?
:/ Don't mean to be an ass, but 2 shares ain't a lot. I personally do not believe we can crack beyond $500. I think the most you will see now is floating around $250 - $350. Sell it whenever it's right for you. If you owned like dozens, that's a different story...

Sell those two shares at some good price like above $300 (I hope it will go to $480 again!!! but highly doubtful).... and use that money to buy other stocks. Don't do meme stocks right now. The whole market is bearing. You want that $1000 turn into $5000 - you need stocks in the low 100s or two digits and they have high potential for return...

You are an accountant so you know the math lol don't stress over for 2 shares
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