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Also I am holding 2 stocks for GME purchased at $108. Should I sell?
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I just started to play with my play money. I am cash heavy and usually stay with S&P but have 6 figures in cash and need to invest more.. if you find a good long term buy, please please let me know. Also open to chatting offline! any help is appreciated!

EDIT: I purchased 4 GME at $108. Sold 2 at average of $345
Definitely worth discussing... I think this is the safest bet for me in the long run.

1. Never overly diversified. Meaning, don't buy a dozen single name stocks.

2. I buy dips, especially for single name stocks (SNS).

3. Average out ETF and MF. So I have auto weekly buy setup.

You can still auto invest SNS though. Up to you.

I own Vanguard, more than 50%.

* VTSAX (MF, total stock)
* VTI (ETF version of VTSAX)
* VGT (ETF, tech)

When I opened Vanguard in 2019, I was investing in VGT, and then VTI. Most of the time, VTI/VTSAX will pick top tech companies, but total stock market is slightly more diversified. I ended up investing in Total Stock (VTSAX) for 2 years, weekly.

I left ETF because ETF does not allow fractional share buy and Vanguard doesn't have auto investment for ETF. The downside is mutual fund buy and sell at the end of the day... ETF is good if you want real time market sell.

In Q4 2020 I paused $$ into VTSAX because over 50% and the return was not the best comparing to VGT. But most importantly I want to be slightly more aggressive.

My wife started investing in ARK, tracking emerging and high growth companies like TESLA. It's very aggressive.

I also beginning to leave Visa. It was a good return for 3 years. But the market cap is staggering and the price is going between $180 and $210.

I believe AMD will continue to grow while Intel figures out its fucked up. AMD is now <$90 so it's still very cheap to own a ton.

TSMC makes chips, e.g. AMD. Its only real competitor is Samsung. Most eletronic makers have no plans in the near future to make their own chips - they design and outsource the entire manufacture process. TSMC also co-design so it's another advantage.

Telsa is good if you have a ton of money. But if you read recent news, they have trouble with producing more battery. Battery chemicals and makers will be crucial for the whole Biden climate change plan. If you heard Pete's confirmation hearing, he mentioned several times they wish to add more charging stations to enable EV. There is a plan to buy more EV for USPS...

So expect solar panels and companies involving in electric battery to grow in the 3-5 years steadily.

You can find some ETF/MF that tracks those companies... I don't have a single company in mind yet... need to do more research on my own.

Finally, infrastructure - there are companies that make heavy duty machinery like crane and steel - expect those to gain too...

I bought UAL (United Airline) in 2020 and it was a good return but I sold it to get money for AMC and GME. But if you want to hold for 3 years, airlines will be good bet - they are cheap now, but they will eventually return to $90+ pre-covid....

Anyway, tlr; if you want tech

* Apple

will be good.... for long term hold.

But do your research though
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