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12-05-2019, 02:25 AM
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So, us dreamers obviously have a restricted social security card. Saying ďValid for work only with DHS authorization.Ē I did some research and found out thatís one of the first things we should get updated right after getting your green card. When updating your Social Security Card to an unrestricted one, does our social security number stay the same? Iím pretty positive it doesnít but just want to know for sure.

And also, after updating my SSC, Iím thinking of updating my drivers license as well which says limited term, and is set to expire sometime late next year. Is it worth paying the license fees and updating it even though it wonít be expiring for almost a year from now?

And are there any other things that I should be getting updated or anything that we should apply for or whatever now that I have my green card?
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