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Originally Posted by DogJuiceMan View Post
Go ahead and prove it lil nigga. I bet you wont post that nopalero face hahahaha. Beaners here pretending they are hadnsome, projecting so damn much.

I have now confirmed you are UWD, Obese, retarded. I will stop here cause I don't pick on the disabled. Unlike the villains at UWD, I have lines I won't cross. hahahaha

You either have a standard, or you are part of the riff raff go-nowhere do-nothing beaners of UWD. 2010 was their heyday. What have they accomplished since 2010. Jack fucking shit, just like you in your fake ass accomplishments. At least pretend to have something plausible nigga. hahahaha
I’m handsome asf. You probably look like a monkeys armpit hahahhaa
“Life is not just the passing of time. Life is the collection of experiences and their intensity.”

- Jim Rohn
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